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Why You’re Still Stuck


Get started with the teachings of Drew Gerald in this definitive guide for getting unstuck and waking up—exploring shadow work, embodiment, narcissism, victimhood, and more.

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Coming 2022

Reclamation of Allowing

Coming Soon

In book one of four in this provocative series, discover how we betray, deny, and avoid what we want and who we are—and how to begin allowing once again.

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Group Membership

The Fellowship


Answer the call—begin the journey of a lifetime. Partake in fellowship as an integral member of this transformative mastermind, learning to give and receive feedback at the highest levels.

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Group Membership

The Mysteries


Continue your journey of a lifetime. Immerse yourself in symbology, movement, and dreamwork to unravel the mysteries of consciousness with an intimate group of advanced students.

Existing Clients Only

Embodied Archetype Study


Watch a treasure trove of insights from Drew Gerald working with 24 clients one-on-one from the first study of Cinesomatics®, with over 50 hours of video footage of how we embody archetypes.

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Holistic Sex

No Longer Available

Heal the source of your frustration, guilt, shame, trauma, and confusion around sexuality and spirituality, and master the practicalities of masculine and feminine polarity in this 11-hour course.

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The Process


Embark on 30‐days of insights guiding you through the remarkable process of awakening as an entrepreneur or artist in Drew’s original series for beginners.

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