This policy may be changed at any time at Drew Gerald Intl.’s discre­tion. If we should update this policy, we will post the updates to this page on our Website. This policy was revised on April 23, 2020.

This website is owned and oper­ated by Drew Gerald Intl. (“Company,” “we,” or “us”).

This Privacy Policy governs your access to and use of includ­ing any content, func­tion­al­ity and services offered on or through (the “Website”), and/or Drew Gerald Intl., whether as a guest, client, partic­i­pant, or a regis­tered user.

When access­ing the Website, the Company will learn certain infor­ma­tion about you, both auto­mat­i­cally and through volun­tary actions you may take, during your visit. This policy applies to infor­ma­tion we collect on the Website and in email, text, or other elec­tronic messages between you and the Website.

Please read the Privacy Policy care­fully before you start to use the Website. By using the Website or by click­ing to accept or agree to the Terms of Use when this option is made avail­able to you, you accept and agree to be bound and abide by the Privacy Policy. If you do not want to agree to the Privacy Policy, you must not access or use the Website.

Children Under The Age Of 13

Our Website is not intended for chil­dren under 13 years of age. No one under age 13 may provide any infor­ma­tion to or on the Website. We do not know­ingly collect personal infor­ma­tion from chil­dren under 13. If you are under 13, do not use or provide any infor­ma­tion on this Website or on or through any of its features/register on the Website, make any purchases through the Website, use any of the inter­ac­tive or public comment features of this Website or provide any infor­ma­tion about your­self to us, includ­ing your name, address, tele­phone number, email address, or any screen name or user name you may use.

If we learn we have collected or received personal infor­ma­tion from a child under 13 with­out veri­fi­ca­tion of parental consent, we will delete that infor­ma­tion. If you believe we might have any infor­ma­tion from or about a child under 13, please contact us.

Information We Collect About You

When you access the Website, the Company will learn certain infor­ma­tion about you during your visit.

Information You Provide To Us. The Website provides vari­ous places for users to provide infor­ma­tion. We collect infor­ma­tion that users provide by fill­ing out forms on the Website, commu­ni­cat­ing with us via contact forms, respond­ing to surveys, search queries on our search feature, provid­ing comments or other feed­back, and provid­ing infor­ma­tion when order­ing a prod­uct or service via the Website.

We use infor­ma­tion you provide to us to deliver the requested prod­uct and/or service, to improve our over­all perfor­mance, and to provide you with offers, promo­tions, and infor­ma­tion.

Information We Collect Through Automatic Data Collection Technology. As you navi­gate through our Website, we may use auto­matic data collec­tion tech­nolo­gies includ­ing Google Analytics to collect certain infor­ma­tion about your equip­ment, brows­ing actions, and patterns. This will gener­ally include infor­ma­tion about your loca­tion, your traf­fic pattern through our website, and any commu­ni­ca­tions between your computer and our Website. Among other things, we will collect data about the type of computer you use, your Internet connec­tion, your IP address, your oper­at­ing system, and your browser type.

The infor­ma­tion we collect auto­mat­i­cally is used for statis­ti­cal data and will not include personal infor­ma­tion. We use this data to improve our Website and our service offer­ings. To the extent that you volun­tar­ily provide personal infor­ma­tion to us, our systems will asso­ciate the auto­mat­i­cally collected infor­ma­tion with your personal infor­ma­tion.

Use of Cookies And Pixels

Similar to other commer­cial websites, our website utilizes a stan­dard tech­nol­ogy called “cook­ies” and server logs to collect infor­ma­tion about how our site is used. Information gath­ered through cook­ies and server logs may include the date and time of visits, the pages viewed, time spent at our site, and the websites visited just before and just after our own, as well as your IP address.

A cookie is a very small text docu­ment, which often includes an anony­mous unique iden­ti­fier. When you visit a website, that site’s computer asks your computer for permis­sion to store this file in a part of your hard drive specif­i­cally desig­nated for cook­ies. Each website can send its own cookie to your browser if your browser’s pref­er­ences allow it, but (to protect your privacy) your browser only permits a website to access the cook­ies it has already sent to you, not the cook­ies sent to you by other sites.

The Company reserves the right to use tech­no­log­i­cal equiv­a­lents of cook­ies, includ­ing social media pixels. These pixels allow social media sites to track visi­tors to outside websites so as to tailor adver­tis­ing messages users see while visit­ing that social media website. The Company reserves the right to use these pixels in compli­ance with the poli­cies of the vari­ous social media sites.​

Third Party Use Of Cookies

Some content or appli­ca­tions, includ­ing adver­tise­ments, on the Website are served by third‐parties, includ­ing adver­tis­ers, ad networks and servers, content providers, and appli­ca­tion providers. These third parties may use cook­ies alone or in conjunc­tion with web beacons or other track­ing tech­nolo­gies to collect infor­ma­tion about you when you use our website. The infor­ma­tion they collect may be asso­ci­ated with your personal infor­ma­tion or they may collect infor­ma­tion, includ­ing personal infor­ma­tion, about your online activ­i­ties over time and across differ­ent websites and other online services. They may use this infor­ma­tion to provide you with interest‐based (behav­ioral) adver­tis­ing or other targeted content.

We do not control these third parties’ track­ing tech­nolo­gies or how they may be used. If you have any ques­tions about an adver­tise­ment or other targeted content, you should contact the respon­si­ble provider directly.

Email Information

If you choose to corre­spond with us through email, we may retain the content of your email messages together with your email address and our responses. We provide the same protec­tions for these elec­tronic commu­ni­ca­tions that we employ in the main­te­nance of infor­ma­tion received online, mail, and tele­phone. This also applies when you regis­ter for our website, sign up through any of our forms using your email address or make a purchase on this site. For further infor­ma­tion see the email poli­cies below.

Email Policies

We are commit­ted to keep­ing your e‑mail address confi­den­tial. We do not sell, rent, or lease our subscrip­tion lists to third parties, and will not disclose your email address to any third parties except as allowed in the section titled Disclosure of Your Information.

We will main­tain the infor­ma­tion you send via e‑mail in accor­dance with applic­a­ble federal law.

In compli­ance with the CAN‐SPAM Act, all emails sent from our orga­ni­za­tion will clearly state who the email is from and provide clear infor­ma­tion on how to contact the sender. In addi­tion, all email messages will also contain concise infor­ma­tion on how to remove your­self from our mail­ing list so that you receive no further e‑mail commu­ni­ca­tion from us.

Our emails provide users the oppor­tu­nity to opt‐out of receiv­ing commu­ni­ca­tions from us and our part­ners by read­ing the unsub­scribe instruc­tions located at the bottom of any email they receive from us at anytime.

Users who no longer wish to receive our newslet­ter or promo­tional mate­ri­als may opt‐out of receiv­ing these commu­ni­ca­tions by click­ing on the unsub­scribe link in the email.

​How And Why We Collect Information

The Company collects your infor­ma­tion in order to record and support your partic­i­pa­tion in the activ­i­ties you select. If you regis­ter to down­load a book or resources, sign up for our newslet­ter, regis­ter for a work­shop or event, and/or purchase a prod­uct from us, we collect your infor­ma­tion. We use this infor­ma­tion to track your pref­er­ences and to keep you informed about the prod­ucts and services you have selected to receive and any related prod­ucts and/or services. As a visi­tor to this Website, you can engage in most activ­i­ties with­out provid­ing any personal infor­ma­tion. It is only when you seek to down­load resources and/or regis­ter for services that you are required to provide infor­ma­tion.

If you are outside the European Union and opt to receive any free resources, partic­i­pate in any free train­ing programs, regis­ter for a webi­nar, regis­ter for a live event, regis­ter for a semi­nar, or purchase any prod­ucts sold by the Company on this Website, we may auto­mat­i­cally enroll ​you to receive our free email newslet­ter. If you do not wish to receive this newslet­ter, you can unsub­scribe anytime. We include an “unsub­scribe” link at the bottom of every email we send.

If you are in the European Union and opt to receive any free resources, partic­i­pate in any free train­ing programs, regis­ter for a webi­nar, regis­ter for a live event, regis­ter for a semi­nar, or purchase any prod­ucts sold by the Company on this Website, we will only enroll ​you to receive our free email newslet­ter if you affir­ma­tively consent to it. If you do not wish to receive this newslet­ter, you can unsub­scribe anytime. We include an “unsub­scribe” link at the bottom of every email we send. This site oper­ates under USA juris­dic­tion.

How Do We Use the Information That You Provide to Us?

We use personal infor­ma­tion for purposes of present­ing our Website and its contents to you, provid­ing you with infor­ma­tion, provid­ing you with offers for prod­ucts and services, provid­ing you with infor­ma­tion about your subscrip­tions and prod­ucts, carry­ing out any contract between you and the Company, admin­is­ter­ing our busi­ness activ­i­ties, provid­ing customer service, and making avail­able other items and services to our customers and prospec­tive customers.

From time‐to‐time, we may use the infor­ma­tion you provide to us to make you offers to purchase prod­ucts and services provided by third parties in exchange for a commis­sion to be paid to us by such third parties. Should you opt to take part in such promo­tions, the third parties will receive your infor­ma­tion.

From time‐to‐time, we may use the infor­ma­tion you provide to us to display adver­tise­ments to you that are tailored to your personal char­ac­ter­is­tics, inter­ests, and activ­i­ties.

Disclosure Of Your Information

As a general rule, we do not sell, rent, lease or other­wise trans­fer any infor­ma­tion collected whether auto­mat­i­cally or through your volun­tary action.

We may disclose your personal infor­ma­tion to our subsidiaries, affil­i­ates, and service providers for the purpose of provid­ing our services to you.

We may disclose your personal infor­ma­tion to a third party, includ­ing a lawyer or collec­tion agency, when neces­sary to enforce our terms of service or any other agree­ment between you and the Company.

We may provide your infor­ma­tion to any succes­sor in inter­est in the event of a merger, divesti­ture, restruc­tur­ing, reor­ga­ni­za­tion, disso­lu­tion, or other sale or trans­fer of some or all of the Company’s assets and/or busi­ness.

We may disclose infor­ma­tion when legally compelled to do so, in other words, when we, in good faith, believe that the law requires it or for the protec­tion of our legal rights or when compelled by a court or other govern­men­tal entity to do so.

We may disclose your picture or video anony­mously on our site only if you provide it by attend­ing any event or work­shop where media is recorded.

Media Rights & Publication

Events/Group Work

By partic­i­pat­ing in any event, class, work­shop, or public group online or in person, you under­stand that video is a require­ment for provid­ing you with services. Recordings or still images or photos may be used for market­ing and promo­tional or train­ing purposes. We do not give any iden­ti­fy­ing infor­ma­tion, such as last name or contact infor­ma­tion in these media. We do not share any reveal­ing or sensi­tive or personal infor­ma­tion with your permis­sion, all infor­ma­tion disclosed at events or sessions is strictly confi­den­tial. Any testi­mo­ni­als or reviews made by you during or after events implies permis­sion to use for market­ing and are consid­ered endorse­ments. We retain all rights to replays and media created from events, and by partic­i­pat­ing you agree to waive any claims to media (photo, audio, video, etc.).

Private One‐on‐One

Private sessions are recorded for your replay use and remain private. Nothing reveal­ing or of any sensi­tive nature is shared — ever. Your privacy is incred­i­bly impor­tant. However, if we deem our own words and content from these sessions valu­able, we claim the rights and may extract our image and voice only to use for busi­ness purposes. Your face or any iden­ti­fy­ing infor­ma­tion is never shared, and we will never post anything contain­ing sensi­tive or ther­a­peu­tic infor­ma­tion.

How Do We Protect Your Information and Secure Information Transmissions?

We employ commer­cially reason­able meth­ods to ensure the secu­rity of the infor­ma­tion you provide to us and the infor­ma­tion we collect auto­mat­i­cally. This includes using stan­dard secu­rity proto­cols and work­ing only with reputable third‐party vendors.

Email is not recog­nized as a secure medium of commu­ni­ca­tion. For this reason, we request that you do not send private infor­ma­tion to us by email. However, doing so is allowed, but at your own risk. Some of the infor­ma­tion you may enter on our website may be trans­mit­ted securely via a secure medium known as Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL. Credit Card infor­ma­tion and other sensi­tive infor­ma­tion is never trans­mit­ted via email.

The Company may use soft­ware programs to create summary statis­tics, which are used for such purposes as assess­ing the number of visi­tors to the differ­ent sections of our site, what infor­ma­tion is of most and least inter­est, deter­min­ing tech­ni­cal design spec­i­fi­ca­tions, and iden­ti­fy­ing system perfor­mance or prob­lem areas.

For site secu­rity purposes and to ensure that this service remains avail­able to all users, the Company uses soft­ware programs to moni­tor network traf­fic to iden­tify unau­tho­rized attempts to upload or change infor­ma­tion, or other­wise cause damage.

Policy Changes

It is our policy to post any changes we make to our privacy policy on this page. If we make mate­r­ial changes to how we treat our users’ personal infor­ma­tion, we will notify you by email to the email address spec­i­fied in your account and/or through a notice on the Website home page. The date the privacy policy was last revised is iden­ti­fied at the bottom of the page. You are respon­si­ble for ensur­ing we have an up‐to‐date active and deliv­er­able email address for you, and for peri­od­i­cally visit­ing our Website and this privacy policy to check for any changes.

Visitors’ GDPR Rights

If you are within the European Union, you are enti­tled to certain infor­ma­tion and have certain rights under the General Data Protection Regulation. Those rights include:

We will retain any infor­ma­tion you choose to provide to us until the earlier of: (a) your asking us to delete the infor­ma­tion, (b) our deci­sion to cease using our exist­ing data providers, or (c) the Company decides that the value in retain­ing the data is outweighed by the costs of retain­ing it.

You have the right to request access to your data that the Company stores and the rights to either rectify or erase your personal data.

You have the right to seek restric­tions on the process­ing of your data.

You have the right to object to the process­ing of your data and the right to the porta­bil­ity of your data.

To the extent that you provided consent to the Company’s process­ing of your personal data, you have the right to with­draw that consent at any time, with­out affect­ing the lawful­ness of process­ing based upon consent that occurred prior to your with­drawal of consent.

You have the right to lodge a complaint with a super­vi­sory author­ity that has juris­dic­tion over issues related to the General Data Protection Regulation.

We require only the infor­ma­tion that is reason­ably required to enter into a contract with you. We will not require you to provide consent for any unnec­es­sary process­ing as a condi­tion of enter­ing into a contract with us.