In early 2020, Drew Gerald worked with 24 participants online in a groundbreaking study to explore the way people embody particular archetypes using Cinesomatics. For the first time ever, you can get an unprecedented look into real 1:1 sessions with Drew—with over 50 hours of mastered video.

These participants span a wide range of ages, ethnicities, orientations and gender, socioeconomic status, geographical location, experience, religious beliefs trauma, issues, and familiarity with healing work or therapy. While all participants were given the same instructions, each interpreted and responded in their own ways, evoking unique feedback and insights from Drew.

This is a digital package containing 24 HD videos ranging 2-3 hours each, plus 7 HD “mosaics” combining the movements of all participants side-by-side. Due to the sensitive nature of the content and the context required to get value from watching it, this product is priced to ensure integrity of intent.

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24 Full Session Videos

At the core of this study are the full-length videos of Drew Gerald taking clients through their first Cinesomatic experience. Most participants were taken through two diagnostics: the handshaking diagnostic and the archetype diagnostic.

These diagnostics reveal:

  • The masculine and feminine aspects
  • How they play big and small
  • What, if any, reverse-wiring they have
  • How they give and receive
  • How they make and spend money
  • How they are generous and selfish

Through the facilitation with Drew, you will also see:

  • How participants defend, argue, and justify or allow and accept
  • Mythological archetypes that move them
  • Hysteria and fantasy or groundedness and feeling
  • A wide range of the ways we as humans suffer
  • Deep healings and transformations take place
  • Concepts and principles being taught
  • Laughing, crying, fear, anger, and illumination
  • Real people’s real shadow material play out
  • How easy or how hard some people make it
  • Reference points of functionality and disfunction
  • When people play dumb or manipulate and con
  • Anxiety, avoidance, narcissism, and self-abandonment
  • And much more!

Full-Length Mosaic Videos

Also included are the full extended editions of the study’s “mosaics”. These mosaics are compilations of the handshaking diagnostic and all six archetypes from all participants, where participant videos are arranged in a grid, allowing you to see the similarities and differences between how people embody and represent different archetypes.

This is cutting-edge footage: never before have we been able to see side-by-side how multiple people cross-culturally express these archetypes within the body.

Video Examples

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get from watching other people’s sessions?

One of the most common hurdles new group participants face is that they show up to the groups looking to “get”, and so when the spotlight is on another student, they don’t stay present. They check out, finding “other people’s process” to be irrelevant and not valuable to them. Meanwhile, they are eager and waiting for “their turn”.

What they miss is that showing up for another’s healing can be just as valuable as the healing directed at you. They miss that there is something to learn in everything, and that perhaps someone else in the group is going through exactly what they are. They miss that we are all part of the same thing, and when they show up for another, they are also showing up for themselves. They miss the ease at which they can take in the wisdom and healing without being “put on the spot” and can simply receive the gifts from another’s work.

Watching these sessions gives you all the gold that was uncovered without having to go through it as a client. In fact, many people who show up present for these replays and track along with the client, find themselves experience a healing process for themselves.

Who is this for?

This video package is for:

  • Students of Drew who are looking to explore and get into Cinesomatics
  • Those who want access to the same insights as Drew’s clients at a fraction of the cost
  • Existing clients that want more video content of Drew working with others to learn from

How do I get access to the videos?

You will receive a protected link to a page on this site where you will be able to stream all the videos at your leisure, as many times as you’d like.

How can you share private sessions?

Typically, private sessions are private for a reason, and sensitive or identifiable information is never shared with the public. So, what makes this different? Unlike normal clientele, these videos come from a select group of volunteers. Each participant gave permission to use their video replay and you will see that explicitly at the beginning of each video. We also have hidden participants’ names out of respect.

Up until this study, there was no way to show how this incredibly unique process worked because it was, and still is, private work. However, in 2020, Drew offered his audience an opportunity to experience a session with him for free (or at a significant discount) in exchange for having the rights to use their session replay in the business. This became the Embodied Archetype Study and the source for the videos for the Center for Cinesomatic Development’s website.

I’m an established researcher, may I have access to the videos?

If you’re an academic or professional researcher looking to use the videos from this study, please reach out for access.

How can I experience this for myself?

You may schedule your Embodiment Assessment with Drew Gerald here if there are availabilities.

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