Your Embodiment Assessment Is Confirmed!

Thank you for scheduling your assessment!

Our call is booked for . I have just sent you an email to the address

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It is highly recommended to read my book “Why You’re Still Stuck” before our call. Being familiar with the concept will allow you to get the most out of our time together. You can get my book “Why You’re Still Stuck” here.

Before The Call

This will be a 1.5-2h video call where you will receive accurate insight and feedback through my proprietary assessment—it’s not a personality test, performance, or medical diagnosis. You will need a peaceful, quiet, well-lit space, a stable internet connection (if you can plug-in with an ethernet cable vs wifi, that is better), and a webcam with Zoom (download it free here, no registration needed).

Tech note: The better your webcam and lighting, the better I can see you, and the more detailed feedback I can give. Also, make sure “HD video” option is turned ON in your Zoom video settings.

At Call Time

Click the Zoom link provided in the email sent (one about 24hrs and a reminder 2hrs) before our call to join. Please email me if you don’t have the email by 30 mins before our start time.

Ensure you have your camera and mic already setup, with good lighting.

Make sure you are on time. If you are more than 10 minutes late the call will be canceled and you will not be refunded.

This is a dynamic coaching session that requires movement and participation. Please ensure you are in a private, quiet, and peaceful space for the entire duration of this call—if you are in an airplane, bus, car, cafe, or other noisy and chaotic place, I will cancel the call without refund.

It is advisable to not feel rushed into something scheduled right after our session, so don’t cram things before and after if possible. You will likely need time to integrate.

After The Call

You will receive a video replay emailed to you within 24 hours.

If this is our first call together, we may also schedule a 15-minute follow-up call for a few days later.

I look forward to helping you discover what will help move you forward in spirit, wealth, success, and health!

—Drew Gerald