Our Unique Approach

The Proprietary Technology

Since the beginning, we only had another human—usually some sort of guru—to reflect how we are showing up in the space. This worked very well if the person was clear, grounded, and pure, as the reflection was accurate with little distortion. Getting to the place of such non-dualistic illumination tends to require decades of purification, genuine awakening, and a well-developed intuitive sense.

As you can imagine, finding someone authentic and genuinely able to do this was of great challenge. It needed to be accurate and it needed to be someone you were willing to take the word of and trust completely. It was the de facto path in the East for millennia.

In the past few decades, modern technology is allowing us to see an unbiased and distortion-free reflection of ourselves never before possible. Using a proprietary, state-of-the-art diagnostic technology founded by Drew Gerald called Cinesomatics®, we are able to facilitate unbiased feedback that accelerates your awakening by decades.

How? This process lets you see through your persona, pull back the veil, and reveal the truth of how you’re showing up in the world—with your own eyes. Seeing yourself act-out makes denial and deceit no longer possible. Seeing it play out in a group allows you to move everyone forward without taking it personally.

This still requires a facilitator who’s able to see and guide you truly, however, the video technology allows for group and self facilitation without blind faith.

Transformation that traditionally takes years happens here in minutes.

What Makes Our Approach Different

While guiding and therapeutic, the work we do here is not “coaching” nor traditional therapy. If anything, it could most closely resemble lucid shamanism.

Most approaches out there involve motivating, inspiring, fixing, doing more, gathering data, telling better stories, avoiding feeling, improving the ego, and denying reality. Contrary to most first and second level methodology, our work together is about stopping, feeling, and seeing the truth.

Our approach is different because:

  • We do less suffering, rather than more fixing.
  • We go into the body, not try to ascend it.
  • We cultivate the human experience, not try to escape it.
  • We go into the feeling, rather than attempt to avoid it.
  • We stop trying to do spirituality, and start accepting our divinity as our humanity.
  • We act from feeling-based intelligence, rather than head-based intellect.

This is an invitation to a new way of being more you than you’ve ever been.

What we do is referred to as “Final Level Work” because it’s the beginning of the end of the stories, suffering, and all that fixing.

Levels of Human Potential Work

First Level Work

  • Approach: Informational, motivational, inspirational, techniques & strategies
  • Focus: Getting out of depression, positivity, waking up from the consensus trance, state-based results
  • Shifts: Occur at the behavioral and attitude levels of change
  • Outcome: Self-awareness and action; little chance to create transformation or deep change

Second Level Work

  • Approach: Therapeutic, participatory, improving, results-oriented
  • Focus: Specific techniques to create financial, emotional, physical, mental healing
  • Shifts: Occur at the belief, values, and identity levels of change
  • Outcome: Creates change and lasting results; but is never-ending, limited from ego, little spiritual awakening

Final Level Work

  • Approach: Non-duality, beyond-language, embodiment, intuitive
  • Focus: Stopping, silence, the present, Truth, symbolic states of perception, feeling-based
  • Shifts: Occur outside the “Hierarchy of Change” from beyond ego-identity
  • Outcome: Instant healing, karmic change, supersensory awareness, a true step towards enlightenment