About Drew Gerald

Drew Gerald is an author, spiritual teacher, and director at the Center for Cinesomatic Development. He is the founder of Cinesomatics®—a feeling-based therapy utilizing video feedback and movement to assess and resolve stuck somatic, psychological, and emotional patterns. This work is held online and in-person internationally, from NY to London, Tuscany to Switzerland.

His latest book “Why You’re Still Stuck” (MetaHeal, 2020) helps self-aware entrepreneurs, artists, professionals, and leaders break through cycles and plateaus, and wake up out of the illusion of struggle.

A spiritual advisor and healer to some of the world’s most successful, Drew works with clients one-on-one and in intimate groups. His graduate-level programs of consciousness studies offer memberships to deep transformational classes that bridge the teachings of the ancient mystery schools with modern psychology and technology.

His early work, “Holistic Sex”, was published by Mindvalley in 2014 alongside some of the greatest contemporary spiritual teachers of our time.

His first blog on personal development received over a million views with nearly 100 articles ranging from spirituality, philosophy, sex and relationships, health, and transformation.

Drew also holds over two decades of technology and design expertise. At 18 he developed and ran a high-end software company for over 7 years—creating a particle and physics engine, and other solutions used by Fortune 500 clients such as Disney, Samsung, Sony Pictures, Whole Foods, BT, Walmart, Discovery, Square-Enix, Turner, Acura, and over 30,000 others.

He is the founder of the Karl Wolfe Community, a legacy of the teachings of his mentor.

Drew is also an active advisor and consultant to the official Alan Watts Organization.