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Hello, my name is Drew Gerald, and for over a decade I’ve helped profes­sion­als world‐wide see the elusive patterns that kept them from real­iz­ing true fulfill­ment and self‐actualization.

Bridging ancient method­ol­ogy with modern cine­matic tech­nol­ogy, we are the leader in advanced movement‐diagnostics and intu­ition devel­op­ment. Our graduate‐level conscious­ness train­ing accel­er­ates the unfold­ment of your modern‐day hero’s journey—helping you achieve tangi­ble, mate­r­ial and spir­i­tual results.


My current era of work is the result of work­ing with the late Dr. Karl Wolfe, who has been an immea­sur­able influ­ence and teacher. His mentor­ship and generos­ity illu­mi­nated the way towards spir­i­tual awak­en­ing.

Drew Gerald and Dr. Karl Wolfe

Through the lessons applied from work­ing together in busi­ness as his protege, I published a 30‐day video course called “The Process”. As I learned how to get out of my own way and embody certain spir­i­tual prin­ci­ples, I published my book and audio­book “Why You’re Still Stuck”.

Completing my work together as CTO and facil­i­ta­tor (and his pass­ing shortly there­after), I began hold­ing work­shops and events adapted from his revo­lu­tion­ary tech­nol­ogy. The first of these, “Fractal Relation”, helps people see the hidden dynam­ics of the way they relate and how to trans­form their rela­tion­ship with self and the world.

My recently launched program “Holographic Alchemy”, is my core program to support lead­ers with the high­est levels of trans­for­ma­tional and spir­i­tual wisdom. This work combines 21st‐century tech­nol­ogy with the arts of the ancient mystery schools, to help people wake up, stop suffer­ing, and see the truth about their real­ity.

The first step of Holographic Alchemy is “The Fellowship”, which is a weekly gath­er­ing of people who are commit­ted to waking up. This long‐term commu­nity is a rock‐solid foun­da­tion for depend­able feed­back about how we are show­ing up in the world.

For those with the high­est levels of commit­ment to truth and desire for enlight­en­ment, “The Mysteries” is where we do cutting‐edge shadow and embod­i­ment work utiliz­ing dream shar­ing and analy­sis, symbol­ogy and arche­type entrain­ment, and propri­etary cine­matic move­ment diag­nos­tics.

I am currently work­ing inter­na­tion­ally hold­ing work­shops in Europe and running my member­ship programs. Alongside this, I’ve founded to preserve my mentor’s legacy.

I Knew This Is A Man Who Could Lead

“From the moment I met Drew, I felt his integrity, I felt his passion, I felt his intel­li­gence, and I knew this is a man who could lead the next gener­a­tion of people… and not from a place of ego grat­i­fi­ca­tion or trying to better, but from a genuine place of love and desire to serve. If there’s anyone I’d recom­mend going on this jour­ney with, it would defi­nitely be Drew.”

–Layla Martin, Sex Educator & Coach


In this candid inter­view, I share my jour­ney of strug­gle, success, entre­pre­neur­ship, and transformation—and the lessons I’ve learned.

You Have Made A Huge Positive Impact

“I am so so so grate­ful for the work we have done, and the tools you have given me. Again, I can’t express enough the amount of gifts you’ve given me. You have made a huge posi­tive impact on my life.”

–Alissa Hansen, Model & Poet


At 14, my cousin intro­duced me to Geocities, and thus began my design career. (Each logo, graphic, website, piece of copy, line of code, arti­cle, trailer, video of mine I’ve created myself.)

By 18, I started a success­ful soft­ware company around a physics and parti­cle engine I devel­oped. This, along with engi­neer­ing a soft­ware licens­ing plat­form and open‐source code, served Fortune 500 clients such as Disney, Samsung, Sony Pictures, Whole Foods, BT, Walmart, Discovery, Square‐Enix, Turner, Acura, and over 30,000 others. I recently contributed soft­ware for Amazon’s Alexa and WordPress.

Beginning my path of entre­pre­neur­ship, I moved to L.A. and immersed myself in personal devel­op­ment. At 21, I was board‐certified as a trainer and master prac­ti­tioner of NLP, hypnother­apy, coach­ing, reiki, and others. In 2010, I started a success­ful blog on personal devel­op­ment for men writ­ing nearly 100 arti­cles and reach­ing over a million views, and began coach­ing clients.

In 2013, I created a course around my approach to spir­i­tu­al­ity and sex called “Holistic Sex” published by Mindvalley, along­side spir­i­tual lead­ers such as Eckhart Tolle, Abraham‐Hicks, David Deida, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Bob Proctor, and Ken Wilber.

After a few years of teach­ing holis­tic sexu­al­ity, I had a wake‐up call, left L.A., and began my current work in NY and now also Europe.