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can catalyze a quan­tum leap in
your busi­ness and personal life.

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Hello, my name is Drew Gerald, and for over a decade I’ve helped profes­sion­als world‐wide see the elusive patterns that kept them from real­iz­ing true fulfill­ment and self‐actualization.

Bridging ancient method­ol­ogy with modern cine­matic tech­nol­ogy, we are the leader in advanced movement‐diagnostics and intu­ition devel­op­ment. Our graduate‐level conscious­ness train­ing accel­er­ates the unfold­ment of your modern‐day hero’s journey—helping you achieve tangi­ble, mate­r­ial and spir­i­tual results.

Answer the call—begin the jour­ney of a life­time. Partake in fellow­ship and embody ancient secrets that have unlocked legendary legacy and genuine enlight­en­ment.

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Holographic Alchemy
Why You're Still Stuck

This book helps you uncover the hidden reasons you’re still stuck despite doing “all the work”—and how to break through once and for all.

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Discover the hidden truth of how you’re relat­ing to life, and over­come unbreak­able patterns using state‐of‐the‐art, cine­matic tech­nol­ogy.

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Fractal Relation
The Process

Embark on 30‐days of free videos and writ­ten insights, guid­ing you through the remark­able process of awak­en­ing as an entre­pre­neur or artist.

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Activated & Transformed The Deepest Parts Of My Consciousness

“Drew gave me the life long tools to acti­vate the high­est parts of myself that he has the unique gift of seeing in people. He was a consis­tent mirror of my body language, move­ments and language, and by doing so helped me trans­form the way I carry myself and move in the world.

With my will­ing­ness to show up and his keen intu­ition and unique insights, we acti­vated and trans­formed the deep­est parts of my conscious­ness in ways that have brought oppor­tu­ni­ties of work, love, adven­ture, self‐care and compas­sion (all the good stuff) into my life.

Prior to work­ing with Drew I was simply a version of myself. Now I am Me. And with­out his gift, I would have remained the former.”

–A. Kathleen Filbin, Storyteller & Facilitator


Watch over 75 minutes of profound insights pulled directly from Drew Gerald’s real client sessions

Note: Keep in mind, due to the sensi­tive nature of these calls, the client has been omit­ted and you may not have the full context of the dialogue. These videos are uncen­sored, not polit­i­cally correct, and may present uncom­fort­able ideas.

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I Hope You Never Stop

“This has been incred­i­ble, Drew. You’ve changed my life. I hope you never stop coach­ing.”

–Rotana, Award‐Winning Saudi Musical Performer

Our Unique Approach & Proprietary Technology

Cinematic Holography
Holographic Alchemy

Using state of the art cine­matog­ra­phy equip­ment, our propri­ety diag­nos­tic tech­nol­ogy allows you to see the stories, mythol­ogy, and ener­getic patterns mani­fested in your body. This ground‐breaking system bypasses language, allow­ing you to see the truth of how you show up in the world for your­self and make new choices.

Holographic Alchemy

The way we think, feel, and see the world gets trans­lated into the phys­i­cal world through our bodies (“as above, so below”). By observ­ing one’s move­ment and exchang­ing feed­back, you get to see the way you’re manag­ing energy in your life, busi­ness, and relationships—and embody a new way of moving through the world.

Quantum Field Entrainment
Holographic Alchemy

The quan­tum field is the matrix grid that connects, supports, and informs all things. We oper­ate holo­graph­i­cally within this field, and are plugged into this ener­getic system through all parts of our body—connecting us with every­thing. Entraining students into this field results in power­ful heal­ing and intu­itive abil­i­ties.

Absolutely Priceless

“If you want to absolutely fall in love, become absolutely enchanted with your life and with life itself and your­self, then Drew is absolutely the man for you. He will care for your soul, your indi­vid­u­al­ity, for living up to your full poten­tial, but having fun along the way — and that is absolutely price­less to have some­one care for you with such self­less aban­don as Drew would. You cannot buy that.”

–Catalin Pirvu, Professor


1st Tier Work

  • Approach: Informational, moti­va­tional, inspi­ra­tional
  • Focus: Getting out of depres­sion, posi­tiv­ity, waking up from the consen­sus trance, state‐based results
  • Shifts: Occur at the behav­ioral and atti­tude levels of change
  • Outcome: Self‐awareness and action; little to create trans­for­ma­tion or deep change

2nd Tier Work

  • Approach: Therapeutic, partic­i­pa­tory, results‐oriented
  • Focus: Specific tech­niques to create finan­cial, emotional, phys­i­cal, mental heal­ing
  • Shifts: Occur at the belief, values, and iden­tity levels of change
  • Outcome: Creates change and last­ing results; but is never‐ending, limited from ego, little spir­i­tual awak­en­ing

Final Tier Work

  • Approach: Non‐duality, beyond‐language, embod­i­ment, intu­itive
  • Focus: Stopping, move­ment, symbolic states of percep­tion, feeling‐based
  • Shifts: Occur outside the “heirar­chy of change” from beyond ego‐identity
  • Outcome: Instant heal­ing, karmic change, super­sen­sory aware­ness, a “foot in the door” towards enlight­en­ment