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Hello, my name is Drew Gerald, and for over a decade I’ve helped profes­sion­als world‐wide see the elusive patterns that kept them from real­iz­ing true fulfill­ment and self‐actualization.

Bridging ancient method­ol­ogy with modern cine­matic tech­nol­ogy, we are the leader in advanced movement‐diagnostics and intu­ition devel­op­ment. Our graduate‐level conscious­ness train­ing accel­er­ates the unfold­ment of your modern‐day hero’s journey—helping you achieve tangi­ble, mate­r­ial and spir­i­tual results.

Answer the call—begin the jour­ney of a life­time. Partake in fellow­ship and embody ancient secrets that have unlocked legendary legacy and genuine enlight­en­ment.

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Holographic Alchemy
Why You're Still Stuck

This book helps you uncover the hidden reasons you’re still stuck despite doing “all the work”—and how to break through once and for all.

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Discover the hidden truth of how you’re relat­ing to life, and over­come unbreak­able patterns using state‐of‐the‐art, cine­matic tech­nol­ogy.

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Fractal Relation
The Process

Embark on 30‐days of free videos and writ­ten insights, guid­ing you through the remark­able process of awak­en­ing as an entre­pre­neur or artist.

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Absolutely Priceless

“If you want to absolutely fall in love, become absolutely enchanted with your life and with life itself and your­self, then Drew is absolutely the man for you. He will care for your soul, your indi­vid­u­al­ity, for living up to your full poten­tial, but having fun along the way — and that is absolutely price­less to have some­one care for you with such self­less aban­don as Drew would. You cannot buy that.”

–Catalin Pirvu, Professor


Like myself, most people come to this work with a burn­ing desire for personal or spir­i­tual devel­op­ment. Some arrive because they’re stuck and need help in achiev­ing a specific result, and others who are simply commit­ted to becom­ing the best version of them­selves.

They attend the semi­nars and events, read the famous books, see their array of heal­ers, try the apps, and enroll in the programs. Their lives have improved, and many things work for them. They have learned, grown, and evolved in tremen­dous ways, know­ing the value this work brings to people.

And yet… here they are.

Here you are.

Despite all the work, all the success, all the knowl­edge… a tickle remains. It does­n’t matter how much or little money, how bril­liant or aver­age, how advanced or new… a never‐ceasing whis­per calls out… A faint nudg­ing towards some­thing beyond main­stream ideas of success and the consis­tent hamster wheel of “self‐help”.

They come here think­ing it’s just another level of the same thing they’ve been doing… but then I start saying things like:

“Stop. Stop. Stop trying to fix your­self.”
“The spir­i­tual path is fail­ing you, call it off.”
“Do it wrong. Mess it up. Do the oppo­site.”
“It’s not about feel­ing good—it’s about feel­ing.”

…and they look at me like a Looney Tunes cartoon. It goes against every­thing they’ve been doing to “be a better person”.

But that’s the prob­lem, dear one. The better person you’re look­ing for is already here.

In your magnif­i­cent, self‐loving attempts to become a better person, you’ve only built a better persona. You’ve rejected, suppressed, and thrown away the best parts of you and replaced it with an image—a facade, a false idol you thought was more lovable, and began to worship it. But this image isn’t real, and noth­ing unreal could ever be lovable.

And that’s why you suffer: you rejected your­self, created some­thing unlov­able in its place, and spent your life trying to improve upon it, wonder­ing why it’s never enough.

A “better ego” is not anything like “a‑more‐you‐than‐you’ve‐ever‐been”. A better persona cannot even be compared to the magnif­i­cence of who‐you‐really‐are behind the stories of not being enough, unwanted, or that there’s some­thing wrong with you.

We’ve been sold a lie, and all bought into it hook‐line‐and‐sinker.

It’s not your fault, and it’s not a bad thing. It was a neces­sary act in the unfold­ing narra­tive that brought you here. And it’s here now that you stand on the precipice of a new real­ity.

Are You Facing Any Of These Challenges:

  • Are you still stuck despite doing ‘all the work’ or doing ‘every­thing right’?
  • Do you feel guilty because every­thing in your life works and things are so easy for you?
  • Have family and cultural dynam­ics or trauma kept you from what you want?
  • Do you think that if only you could do, be, or know more, that then you’ll be happy—despite already doing so much?
  • Do you feel unful­filled and empty despite your success and popu­lar­ity?
  • Are you confused and frus­trated as to why you can’t over­come your plateau?
  • Have you been seek­ing hidden knowl­edge, awak­en­ing, enlight­en­ment, or other spir­i­tual liber­a­tion?
  • Has putting on a mask or trying to main­tain an image left you exhausted?
  • Do you feel isolated (even around people) and like nobody really gets you?
  • Have you expe­ri­enced some­thing you can’t explain; mysti­cal, shamanic, or psycho­log­i­cal?
  • Do you find your­self drawn to philos­o­phy, spir­i­tu­al­ity, psychol­ogy, phil­an­thropy and wish to trans­form your­self to help others?

If the answer is “yes”, then read on to see how I help extra­or­di­nary people like you get profound, last­ing results.

I Have Told So Many People

“I vouch for Drew Gerald. He did a session with me that changed my life! Amazing human being!”

“I have no words for how grate­ful I am. Thank you for strip­ping me down to my core and giving me the space to see myself. I really hope we do more work together; I have told so many people about how incred­i­bly talented you are.”

–Virginia Salas Kastilio, Forbes/BBC/United Nations


Have you ever wondered who coaches the coaches, trains the train­ers, heals the heal­ers, and mentors the lead­ers?

We are the support behind those who support.

If you’re an entre­pre­neur, artist, exec­u­tive, leader, or vision­ary—you have a mission. You have a purpose to fulfill and legacy to leave.

The impact you have on the people you love, employ, and serve is not power­ful because of some strat­egy or tactic you do—it’s because of who you are and how you show up in the world.

The great­est obsta­cle between you and the happi­ness, fulfill­ment, impact, and vision you desire to create—is not the econ­omy, fail­ures, or compe­ti­tion—it’s you.

What I’ve seen work­ing with remark­ably success­ful people is that the more they evolve and grow, the fewer people there are to tell them the truth. Few can relate, and even fewer who have the abil­ity and courage to face them and “say it like it is”.

Without high‐level feed­back to illu­mi­nate what’s work­ing and what’s not, even top‐performers get hood­winked by their blind‐spots and ego. How they achieved their current success is often the very thing prevent­ing their next break­through. Knowing this, they seek high‐level feed­back and put the Truth above all else.

The Truth isn’t always pleas­ant, fun, or what we want to hear. It is, however, what sets us free and liber­ates us from suffer­ing. Those who are ready to stop and see who they really are—to face their light and shadow—get the most out of this work.

His Material Has Really Transformed My Life

“His mate­r­ial has really trans­formed my life. One thing that really moved me with Drew was that he speaks from a vulner­a­ble and authen­tic place. It’s a priv­i­lege to recom­mend him to you, and I hope you enjoy him as much as I have.”

–Dr. Joseph Barsuglia, PhD, Clinical Neuropsychologist


Through private consult­ing, group coach­ing, work­shops, retreats, books, and courses—I can help you uncover the hidden patterns that are keep­ing you from your birthright.

Using advanced ther­a­peu­tic and cine­matic diag­nos­tic tech­nolo­gies, I work with clients in the mysterious—yet very much real—realms of the shadow, arche­types, mythol­ogy, and quantum‐field‐shamanism to produce tangi­ble, real‐world results. The advanced work also incor­po­rates dream analy­sis, somatic aware­ness, expe­ri­en­tial symbol­ism train­ing, and group feed­back.

Working with the ego, the observer, percep­tion and projec­tion, non‐duality, feeling‐based action, and intu­itive insight—you get unri­valed feed­back about how you’re really show­ing up in the world. This “reflec­tion” is the guide­post to real­ity and the way towards what you’re truly look­ing for.

Due to our stories, fears, tenden­cies towards sabo­tage, and decades of neuropathways—my programs are designed for deep and long‐term support. This is not neces­sary because results are slow—but in fact, it’s because results are accel­er­ated that commit­ting to the process is para­mount.

It’s because six‐months of this work is equiv­a­lent to a decade of tradi­tional approaches, that commu­nity and support is an inte­gral part of the process.

I under­stand it’s not a conven­tional approach—sometimes this process reveals just as much mystery to me! However, have you ever heard of anything conven­tional that achieved uncon­ven­tional results? If you’re here read­ing this, you know “conven­tional” won’t do. Traditional models of trans­for­ma­tion are helpful—but they simply can’t offer the depth and effi­ciency your life demands. If you want some­thing you’ve never had, you need to do some­thing you’ve never done.

There’s Absolutely Nothing Else Like It

“When you see words such as ‘dreams, feel­ing, tarot, mythol­ogy, arche­types, energy, conscious­ness, embod­i­ment, and spir­i­tual awakening’—it’s easy to roll your eyes and dismiss it as new age fluff… like I did. That would be the biggest mistake of your life. Not only is Drew’s work noth­ing like I expected, there’s absolutely noth­ing else like it; I tell every­one. The results are tangi­ble, and I’ve been able to help those I love because of it. Thank you for contin­u­ing to change my life, you are my favorite space‐holder.”

–Federica Brocchi, Harvard Business School



Since the begin­ning, we only had another human—usually some sort of guru—to reflect how we are show­ing up in the space. This worked very well if the person was clear, grounded, and pure, as the reflec­tion was accu­rate with little distor­tion.

As you can imag­ine, find­ing some­one authen­tic and genuinely able to do this was of great chal­lenge. It needed to be accu­rate and it needed to be some­one you were will­ing to take the word of, and was the de facto path in the East for millen­nia.

In the past few decades, modern tech­nol­ogy is allow­ing us to see an unbi­ased and distortion‐free reflec­tion of ourselves never before possi­ble. Using propri­etary, state‐of‐the‐art diag­nos­tic tech­nol­ogy—“cine­matic holog­ra­phy”—we are able to facil­i­tate unbi­ased feed­back that accel­er­ates your awak­en­ing by decades.

How? This process lets you see through your persona, pull back the veil, and reveal the truth of how you’re show­ing up in the world—with your own eyes. Seeing your­self act‐out makes denial and deceit no longer possi­ble. Seeing it play out in the group allows you to move every­one forward with­out taking it person­ally.

Transformation that tradi­tion­ally takes years happens here in minutes.


While guid­ing and ther­a­peu­tic, this is not “coach­ing” nor tradi­tional “ther­apy”. If anything, what I do could closely resem­ble “lucid shaman­ism”.

Most approaches out there involve moti­vat­ing, inspir­ing, fixing, doing more, gath­er­ing data, telling better stories, avoid­ing feel­ing, improv­ing the ego, and deny­ing real­ity. Contrary to most first and second tier method­ol­ogy, our work together is about stop­ping, feel­ing, and seeing the truth.

My approach is differ­ent because:

  • We do less suffer­ing, rather than more fixing.
  • We go into the body, not try to ascend it.
  • We culti­vate the human expe­ri­ence, not try to escape it.
  • We go into the feel­ing, rather than attempt to avoid it.
  • We stop trying to do spir­i­tu­al­ity, and start accept­ing our divin­ity as our human­ity.
  • We act from feeling‐based intel­li­gence, rather than head‐based intel­lect.

This is an invi­a­tion to a new way of being you—which is the entire unvierse express­ing itself.

What we do is referred to as “Final Tier Work” because it’s the begin­ning of the end of the stories, suffer­ing, and all that fixing.

Image of Drew Gerald


1st Tier Work

  • Approach: Informational, moti­va­tional, inspi­ra­tional
  • Focus: Getting out of depres­sion, posi­tiv­ity, waking up from the consen­sus trance, state‐based results
  • Shifts: Occur at the behav­ioral and atti­tude levels of change
  • Outcome: Self‐awareness and action; little to create trans­for­ma­tion or deep change

2nd Tier Work

  • Approach: Therapeutic, partic­i­pa­tory, results‐oriented
  • Focus: Specific tech­niques to create finan­cial, emotional, phys­i­cal, mental heal­ing
  • Shifts: Occur at the belief, values, and iden­tity levels of change
  • Outcome: Creates change and last­ing results; but is never‐ending, limited from ego, little spir­i­tual awak­en­ing

Final Tier Work

  • Approach: Non‐duality, beyond‐language, embod­i­ment, intu­itive
  • Focus: Stopping, move­ment, symbolic states of percep­tion, feeling‐based
  • Shifts: Occur outside the “heirar­chy of change” from beyond ego‐identity
  • Outcome: Instant heal­ing, karmic change, super­sen­sory aware­ness, a “foot in the door” towards enlight­en­ment

Activated & Transformed The Deepest Parts Of My Consciousness

“Drew gave me the life long tools to acti­vate the high­est parts of myself that he has the unique gift of seeing in people. He was a consis­tent mirror of my body language, move­ments and language, and by doing so helped me trans­form the way I carry myself and move in the world.

With my will­ing­ness to show up and his keen intu­ition and unique insights, we acti­vated and trans­formed the deep­est parts of my conscious­ness in ways that have brought oppor­tu­ni­ties of work, love, adven­ture, self‐care and compas­sion (all the good stuff) into my life.

Prior to work­ing with Drew I was simply a version of myself. Now I am Me. And with­out his gift, I would have remained the former.”

–A. Kathleen Filbin, Storyteller & Facilitator


Watch over 75 minutes of profound insights pulled directly from Drew Gerald’s real client sessions

Note: Keep in mind, due to the sensi­tive nature of these calls, the client has been omit­ted and you may not have the full context of the dialogue. These videos are uncen­sored, not polit­i­cally correct, and may present uncom­fort­able ideas.

Interested in simi­lar insights specific to your own life? Click here to apply for a free assess­ment »

I Hope You Never Stop

“This has been incred­i­ble, Drew. You’ve changed my life. I hope you never stop coach­ing.”

–Rotana, Award‐Winning Saudi Musical Performer


My current era of work is the result of work­ing with the late Dr. Karl Wolfe, who has been an immea­sur­able influ­ence and teacher. His mentor­ship and generos­ity illu­mi­nated the way towards spir­i­tual awak­en­ing.

Drew Gerald and Dr. Karl Wolfe

Through the lessons applied from work­ing together in busi­ness as his protege, I published a 30‐day video course called “The Process”. As I learned how to get out of my own way and embody certain spir­i­tual prin­ci­ples, I published my book and audio­book “Why You’re Still Stuck”.

Completing my work together as CTO and facil­i­ta­tor (and his pass­ing shortly there­after), I began hold­ing work­shops and events adapted from his revo­lu­tion­ary tech­nol­ogy. The first of these, “Fractal Relation”, helps people see the hidden dynam­ics of the way they relate and how to trans­form their rela­tion­ship with self and the world.

My recently launched program “Holographic Alchemy”, is my core program to support lead­ers with the high­est levels of trans­for­ma­tional and spir­i­tual wisdom. This work combines 21st‐century tech­nol­ogy with the arts of the ancient mystery schools, to help people wake up, stop suffer­ing, and see the truth about their real­ity.

The first step of Holographic Alchemy is “The Fellowship”, which is a weekly gath­er­ing of people who are commit­ted to waking up. This long‐term commu­nity is a rock‐solid foun­da­tion for depend­able feed­back about how we are show­ing up in the world.

For those with the high­est levels of commit­ment to truth and desire for enlight­en­ment, “The Mysteries” is where we do cutting‐edge shadow and embod­i­ment work utiliz­ing dream shar­ing and analy­sis, symbol­ogy and arche­type entrain­ment, and propri­etary cine­matic move­ment diag­nos­tics.

I am currently work­ing inter­na­tion­ally hold­ing work­shops in Europe and running my member­ship programs. Alongside this, I’ve founded to preserve my mentor’s legacy.

I Knew This Is A Man Who Could Lead

“From the moment I met Drew, I felt his integrity, I felt his passion, I felt his intel­li­gence, and I knew this is a man who could lead the next gener­a­tion of people… and not from a place of ego grat­i­fi­ca­tion or trying to better, but from a genuine place of love and desire to serve. If there’s anyone I’d recom­mend going on this jour­ney with, it would defi­nitely be Drew.”

–Layla Martin, Sex Educator & Coach


In this candid inter­view, I share my jour­ney of strug­gle, success, entre­pre­neur­ship, and transformation—and the lessons I’ve learned.

You Have Made A Huge Positive Impact

“I am so so so grate­ful for the work we have done, and the tools you have given me. Again, I can’t express enough the amount of gifts you’ve given me. You have made a huge posi­tive impact on my life.”

–Alissa Hansen, Model & Poet


At 14, my cousin intro­duced me to Geocities, and thus began my design career. (Each logo, graphic, website, piece of copy, line of code, arti­cle, trailer, video of mine I’ve created myself.)

By 18, I started a success­ful soft­ware company around a physics and parti­cle engine I devel­oped. This, along with engi­neer­ing a soft­ware licens­ing plat­form and open‐source code, served Fortune 500 clients such as Disney, Samsung, Sony Pictures, Whole Foods, BT, Walmart, Discovery, Square‐Enix, Turner, Acura, and over 30,000 others. I recently contributed soft­ware for Amazon’s Alexa and WordPress.

Beginning my path of entre­pre­neur­ship, I moved to L.A. and immersed myself in personal devel­op­ment. At 21, I was board‐certified as a trainer and master prac­ti­tioner of NLP, hypnother­apy, coach­ing, reiki, and others. In 2010, I started a success­ful blog on personal devel­op­ment for men writ­ing nearly 100 arti­cles and reach­ing over a million views, and began coach­ing clients.

In 2013, I created a course around my approach to spir­i­tu­al­ity and sex called “Holistic Sex” published by Mindvalley, along­side spir­i­tual lead­ers such as Eckhart Tolle, Abraham‐Hicks, David Deida, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Bob Proctor, and Ken Wilber.

After a few years of teach­ing holis­tic sexu­al­ity, I had a wake‐up call, left L.A., and began my current work in NY and now also Europe.


You’ve Changed Me Permanently

“I was laying in a bath having a moment of me time and self love that I allow deeper since work­ing with you yester­day and was think­ing about how differ­ent I feel after work­ing with you for the past three months. How more dropped in, present and in my body I am. How much more confi­dent I am speak­ing in front of a group of people. You’ve changed me perma­nently.”

–Janne Robinson, Author & Entrepreneur

I Would 1000% Highly Recommend Him

“Drew’s been fuck­ing awesome, he’s helped me a ton. […] It’s been really nuts, and the change has been incred­i­bly notice­able for me, and I would 1000% highly recom­mend him. Just take action. […] It’s been huge, and I defi­nitely suggest you reach out and see if there’s a fit for you there, because you owe it to your­self, because I know I’m really glad I did.”

–John Crestani, Marketer

I Consider It One Of The Turning Points In My Life

“I’m having best sex my entire life. I’ve published a book. I rebranded and relaunched my company. I feel more content and more in line and more in love with myself than I ever have in my entire life. […] If I was paying millions of dollars a month for coach­ing from Drew, it still would­n’t be enough.

I’ve done personal devel­op­ment and spir­i­tual work for the past like four or five years in my life very intensely. […] Within three months of work­ing with Drew I felt like it’s been like 10 years of work. It’s been more intense, like more upheaval but more align­ment, and just it’s just like taking like 10–20 years of work and compound­ing into the period of three months.

It’s just so insanely power­ful, I’d recom­mend it hands down. Whatever the invest­ment is you have to make, it will level up every single fuck­ing part of your life.

I consider it one of the turn­ing points in my life. Thanks Drew.”

–Kevin Wood, Author of ‘The Inward Revolution Manifesto’

I Highly Encourage Everyone To Sign Up

“It’s very rare that an author, speaker or coach will come out publicly and share [their strug­gles] while they’re going through it. […] You rock. Thank you so much for coming on and shar­ing all your beau­ti­ful insights and wisdom with my follow­ers and listen­ers of the show. You are amaz­ing, I hope they all connect with you. And, ‘The Process’, I highly encour­age every­one to sign up for.”

–Maddy Moon, Podcast Host & Coach

You’re Going To Get Tremendous Value Out Of It

“Drew is a man who is really living this path; he really takes this on as his sense of spir­i­tual purpose. He brings a strong and impor­tant voice, and I have no doubt that if you dive into his work, you’re going to get tremen­dous value out of it.”

–Destin Gerek, Men’s Coach

Words Of Wisdom That Penetrates My Soul

“Being in the heal­ing arts, I strive to better myself on a daily basis. I’ve listened to Hicks, Tolle and the like and I fortu­nately was intro­duced to Drew’s ‘The Process’. A must. You’ll feel the differ­ence imme­di­ately.”

–David Bransky, Holistic Practitioner

The Things Most ‘Coaches’ & People Are Not Talking About

“I absolutely love this vulner­a­ble work Drew Gerald has created. Having gone through the 30‐day free program, The Process, I wanted more. I wanted more insights, more inspi­ra­tion, more of what Drew had to say. I wanted to hear more of the things most ‘coaches’ and people are not talk­ing about. I am learn­ing to flow with life, instead of push­ing against it. I feel more encour­aged, grounded and centered with all my day requires of me when I make time to listen.

Drew’s abil­ity to hold space for the atten­dees at his events, is noth­ing shy of amaz­ing. Intense and fun, just how I like them. Highly recom­mend.”

–Joni Abbott, Mother & Radio Host

I’ll Be Forever Grateful

“Drew, I love you so much—thank you for show­ing me what it means to give love freely with­out an expec­ta­tion for anything in return. The way you’ve held me account­able to my truth, held me account­able to my inten­tions, and held me account­able for being my best self in the world, is some­thing I’ll be forever grate­ful for.

Any client that would work with you would be so, so ridicu­lously lucky to have some­one like you root­ing for them and bring­ing them home to their truth. So thank you for the work you do in the world, and I am so grate­ful to know you.”

–Catherine Danieli, Relationship Coach



The ulti­mate commit­ment for the ulti­mate trans­for­ma­tion

Get unpreci­de­nent access, train­ing, mentor­ship, and results.

  • Exclusive atten­tion: only 1 Apprentice per year
  • 1 Week‐long resi­den­tial 1‑on‑1 train­ing
  • 3 90‐min calls a month; video or in‐person for 1 year
  • I pull back the curtain and tell you every­thing I know
  • Experience in‐depth cine­matic holog­ra­phy diag­nos­tics
  • Review or over­see you work in‐field and provide feed­back
  • Includes access to all levels of “Holographic Alchemy”

1‑Year Commitment

Next Availability In JAN 2021


Work together one‐on‐one for unpar­al­leled insight

We start with an intro­duc­tory assess­ment, then tailor a bespoke plan to fit your specific needs.

The assess­ment will help you discover the uncon­scious arche­typal patterns that keep you stuck. This 90‐minute video session offers unprece­dented insight into your unique psycho­so­matic land­scape.

This is also the best option for public figures or those who’s iden­tity or issues require the utmost privacy and secu­rity.

Archetype Assesment by appli­ca­tion only

Schedule Free Assessment

Looking for group work or events? Discover The Fellowship weekly gath­er­ing or learn about upcom­ing work­shops.

Looking for some­thing else? Contact me directly here.


Follow People Like Gerald

“It is my opin­ion I’m watch­ing a future best‐selling author and spir­i­tual teacher. My [gener­a­tion] follows people like Chopra, Dyer, Ruiz, and Tolle. Yours may very well follow [people] like Gerald. He appears not just moti­vated or inspired, but driven to define himself fully on Earth.”

–Don Woodruff, Author of ‘The Kangaroo Method’

I Would Pay Thousands of Dollars Just To Be With Him

“I just spent the day with Drew Gerald and he changed my life completely. I had no idea there was things from my child­hood affect­ing me. I would pay thou­sands of dollars just to be with him in his company. This is the begin­ning and I already feel the differ­ence.”

–M. K., Entrepreneur

Your Honesty And Humbleness And Sincerity Was So Appreciated

“Your help­ing me see how I’ve been conning and deceiv­ing myself and how the energy pattern relates to every­thing was so bene­fi­cial. Your honesty and humble­ness and sincer­ity was so appre­ci­ated. Not only did you gently call me out on my incon­gru­ent ener­gies, you were will­ing to share your own stories and how you could relate. This helped me explore my addic­tion to suffer­ing and keep loving myself through it while sitting with the pain instead of trying to fix or heal it in some way. Thank you.”

–Mischel LeeBoyd, Intuitive

It’s Not A Boxed-Thing—It’s Incredible

“I really appre­ci­ated Drew’s abil­ity to see what I was present­ing in a way that was really honest, and cut‐through and cut‐behind my defenses and tendency to try and hide. He called me out on some things with­out being harsh or judg­men­tal.”

“Thank you for just doing this [Fractal Relation Workshop]. I need that feed­back, that insight, your expe­ri­ence. I could feel it’s person­al­ized, you focus on what would work for ME, it’s not a boxed‐thing. It’s incred­i­ble. No complaints. It’s been really good.”

–Nancy S.

Tripled The Valuation Of My Business

“In the midst of sell­ing my startup company, I had doubts of its (and my own) value and was faced against my own shadow. After just one session, Drew helped me triple the valu­a­tion of my busi­ness at an addi­tional $200,000.

Words cannot express how grate­ful I am for you in my life.

Whatever invest­ment it takes to work with you, is beyond worth it.”

–Nicola G., Health Pioneer

Drew Made Me Feel Really Safe, Understood, Empowered

“I can only begin to describe to you how deeply heal­ing it was to be witnessed, supported and guid­ance through this with him. Drew made me feel really safe, under­stood, empow­ered and held the space so beau­ti­fully for me to do this work for myself. Everything he said was gentle but power­ful and lasered straight to the heart of the matter.

But just as impact­ful for me was having this man see me so clearly with so much care, hear­ing all my fucked‐up messi­ness with­out even a twinge of judg­ment, or reproach enters the space and being able to reach in compas­sion­ately and open the door out of the pain and into my true self. As a person that has had the expe­ri­ence of being terror­ized by the mascu­line, I think this was an essen­tial part of my heal­ing and part of why Spirit sent me to him.

I still felt a little scared but noth­ing seemed unman­age­able anymore. He helped me pinpoint exactly what was keep­ing me locked in this painful cutoff pattern of self‐denial and disown­ing of my sexual self. As we talked tears flowed silently as I saw how this was affect­ing every area of my life includ­ing my busi­ness and my work. I felt deeply shaken, but in a good way with the light, colors, and life coming back to me.

Together we devised a plan for me to dive deeper into this heal­ing on my own. The heal­ing was intense and strong. I dove deep, sobbed, danced and forgave. I was able to release thick dense balls of old shame, fear, and guilt. I let go of so much sadness and pain.

I felt light, happy and free. A slow, sensual smile spread across my face and I just enjoyed feel­ing safe and grounded in my body, in my sexu­al­ity and in the whole­ness of my truth and beauty.”

–U. L., Branding Consultant